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Dating is Us is the first publication by Shelley Twinn. 

Dating is Us is the first publication by Shelley Twinn, a successful singer and performer dedicated to capturing the challenges associated with dating, relationships, and love, and turning them into works of art anyone can enjoy and appreciate.

Born in London to a Caribbean father and an English mother in the 1960s, Shelley grew up in a period of significant social change in the United Kingdom, especially in the traditional morals and values of the time. The impact of how this changing society, as well as friends, and immediate family viewed her parents’ relationship and her mixed heritage gave Shelley a genuine sense that love can sometimes conquer all, despite any social and societal pressure.

Her belief in the power of love has greatly influenced her creative career, driving her to not only find success as a musician through her songs about love and relationships but to also write a book about finding love through online dating. Shelley’s belief that a fairytale ending is always achievable, no matter the circumstances, has allowed her to produce stunning works of art in the form of her music and her novel, and to share this idea with the world.

Shelley is now in a loving relationship with her “Late Life Love”, and continues to use her creative gifts to give people the hope and inspiration they need to pursue their happiness.

A Refreshing Take on Online Dating

Dating is Us is a new novel that deals with navigating the many challenges and pitfalls adults face when meeting new people online.

Fantastic Accompanying Music

Available for download along with the novel, the companion EP features several thought-provoking songs about relationships sure to enhance your reading experience.

Helping You Navigate Online Dating

If you are thinking about trying online dating for yourself, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information about how to make online dating work for you.

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